Our Awards

Soa Palelei has won the 2024 Community Citizen of the Year Award from the council of Cockburn. The award recognises his outstanding contribution to the community, especially in the field of mental health and suicide prevention.

Auspire – Australia Day Council WA, Community Citizen of the Year Awards are presented by Local Government within local communities across Western Australia. The Joint Patrons of the Community Citizen of the Year Awards are His Excellency the Honourable Chris Dawson AC APM Governor of Western Australia, and Mrs Darrilyn Dawson.

Outstanding contribution and community service includes areas such as; education, health, fund-raising, charitable and voluntary services, business, employment, sport, arts, the environment, social inclusion or any other area that contributes to the advancement and wellbeing of a community.

In the  2023 LIFE Awards,  Soa Palelei won his second Outstanding Contribution Award while Strong Minds, Strong Mines obtained its first Workplace Award for their excellent demonstration of suicide prevention within the community. 

The Workplace Award honors a business or employer that actively works to address, prevent, or deal with suicidal behavior and its effects on the community at large, as well as promotes suicide prevention in the workplace. 

The Outstanding Contribution Award emphasizes the efforts of individuals or organizations that have made a notable contribution to address, prevent, or respond to suicidal behaviours and their impact on people, families, communities, and the Australian population. 

Strong Minds, Strong Mines won the Mental Health Organisation of the Year in the 2022 Australian Mental Health Awards.         

Established in 1930, Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA)  is the oldest Mental Health Association in Australia.  It focuses to strengthen the understanding of the importance of mental well-being and to educate the community about available treatment options for mental illness. 

MHFA has been part of the national and international mental health movement for over 70 years

Strong Minds, Strong Mines was one of the finalists of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Award in the 2022  Western Australian Association for Mental Health together with other organizations: Roy Hill, Page Group, and AMCAP.  

The WA Mental Health Awards intends to acknowledge the efforts of those working within the traditional mental health sectors and the growing community engagement across mental health and wellbeing. 

Mentally Healthy Workplace Award category recognises a workplace in Western Australia that promotes excellent mental health services for its staff and volunteers through initiatives, programs, procedures, policies, and/or organisational culture. 

Awards Australia recognizes the Strong Minds, Strong Mines in its 2022 Community Achievement Awards National edition. 

Soa Palelei as the main wellness ambassador of the organization accepted the award for their effort to promote mental health awareness to workers of the FIFO/ DIDO industry and youths of Western Australia.

Founded in 2002, the Western Australian Community Achievement Awards aims to encourage, acknowledge, and reward the valuable contributions of individuals, communities, and businesses in making a difference in the community.

Soa’s early intervention and personal approach to mental health have paved him to win the Outstanding Contribution Award category in the 2021 LIFE (LIVING IS FOR EVERYONE) AWARDS by Suicide Prevention Australia. 


Established to recognise excellence in suicide prevention, the 2021 LIFE awards emphasizes the efforts of individuals or organizations that have made a noteworthy contribution to address, prevent, or respond to suicidal behaviours and their impact on people, families, communities, and the Australian population. 

Formed in 2001, to advocate for men’s representation in the health sector in Australia, The Australian Men’s Health Forum recognizes the work of individual practitioners who are making a difference in improving the lives and health of men and boys at a local level through its 2021 Men’s Health Award every Men’s Health Week in the country.

As the leading wellness ambassador for Strong Minds, Strong Mines, Soa Palelei won the People’s Choice award as a Local Champion for Western Australia through his work in eradicating mental health stigma and discrimination in a predominantly male sector, particularly in FIFO/DIDO workers.

Our Clients's Feedback & Review

“Soa was a Guest speaker at our Pilgangora Lithium mine site. During his time on site we have never seem our workforce as engaged with a guest as they were with Soa. Soas willingness to share his time and lived experience with depression and suicide made such an impact with our workers….”

“Soa is a passionate advocate for mental health and shared his personal story with the team in presentations across all departments. Soa provided profound insight into his experiences in dealing with his own mental health struggles which was a lesson in asking for help, resilience, overcoming adversity and prioritising your mental well being…”