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Soa Palelei is a former UFC fighter and MMA champion who has devoted his life to promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. He is the author of a book called “Face Your Fears” where he shared his childhood, physical abuse experiences, and his turning point as a UFC Fighter. He is also the founder of Face Your Fears, a non-profit mental health consultation agency that provides personalized and innovative programs and workshops for various audiences.

Soa’s passion for mental health stems from his own lived experience. He faced a difficult childhood marked by abuse, depression, and suicidal behavior. He found solace and strength in martial arts, which led him to a successful career as a professional fighter. He competed in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and PRIDE Fighting Championships, earning the nickname “The Hulk” for his aggressive style and impressive physique.

However, Soa realized that fighting was not his true calling. He wanted to use his voice and platform to help others who struggle with mental health issues. He decided to retire from fighting in 2015 and focus on his mission to create physically and mentally healthier communities. He wrote and published his memoir, “Face Your Fears”, in 2016, where he opened up about his personal journey and the lessons he learned along the way. He also launched his non-profit agency, Face Your Fears, to offer mental health consultation and education to individuals and groups.

Soa is a leader, a role model, and a hero in the mental health space. He believes that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, and that facing your fears is the first step to achieving your goals. He is always ready to share his story and his wisdom with anyone who needs it. 


Our mission is to empower people to overcome their challenges and achieve their life goals through personalized and effective mental health and physical fitness programs for individuals and companies.


Where everyone has the courage and the resources to face their fears and overcome their mental health challenges, and where mental health is recognized and respected as an essential part of human well-being.

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Proud To Work With

Our Clients's Feedback & Review

“Really thorough program and added services to the Strong Minds Strong Mines scope. We completed the 12 month program with our projects and saw an immediate change in culture and willingness to discuss Mental Health

“The Strong Minds Strong Mines program was initially rolled out company wide in 2018 which saw us win the Mentally Healthy Workplace award for the amazing work the team did. We are 5 years in and its been a huge success.”